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This section is reserved for friends and those who deserve more personal details. I will supply the password and may change it from time to time.


A. Sinan's Life.

1. More personal details. If you have something to add about Sinan that you think will help with telling or understanding her story, please contact me.

2. Photos. Please email if you can identify the person(s), events or dates associated with the following photographs. wteague @

Include the file name of the photo if you can. This is just the first page, so come back again. [Click on the photos for full size!]

Photos of Sinan's friends we would like to contact.

1983-02-16_Trip to CA-Disneyland

1983-02-16_Trip to CA-Disneyland_2_1 (6).JPG

1983-02-16_Trip to CA-Disneyland

1983-08_Trip to Idaho_Sun Valley (2).JPG

1983-08 Trip to Wyoming_Grand Tenton_ Sinan

1983-08 Trip to Wyoming_Grand Teaton_ Sinan.JPG

1984_Trip to PA_Sinan_1.JPG

This is Sinan and Tida ?

1985-11_Trip to Canada-Niagra falls

1985-11_Trip to Canada-Niagra falls (2).JPG

This is ...



This Nikolai Teague, Sinan Soc, Walter Teague and I beleive Tida?

1986-06-26_Sinan at Cambodian Temple

1986-06-26_Sinan at Cambodian Temple.JPG

This is Sinan and Mary Tan at the Camobodian Temple in Silver Spring, Maryland..



This is Sinan and Mary Tan. It is very important we find Mary, who we last heard had moved to California. Please write me if you know anything.



This is Sarah and some others with Sinan.

Looking for Mary Tan thumb

"Looking for Mary Tan" ad placed in the California Khmer Post to run 1-15-13 and 2-1-13 More photos will be added soon.

B. Sinan's last struggle.

1. Sinan finally learned why her father hated her even before she was born! This recording was made in the early hours of December 6, 2010. She discusses what she learned from the women of her village and how it effected her life. Sinan's voice is hoarse from the recent surgery and talking for so long on the phone. This tape is slightly edited to respect several people's privacy and to remove some noise and superfluous comments by Walter. A fairly accurate transcript can be read here if you have difficulty understanding the tape.

C. Sinan's Interviews from 1983

1. Audio Tapes (14 of 16 exist and I will post excerpts here in several weeks.)

2. Transcriptions and text for the planned book.

D. Comments about Sinan and this web site.

E. Links

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